Shut Down Communication

Hey Gang,

Hopefully everyone has been getting all the emails that Kelly has been sending out over the last 14-15 days of shut down.  If you haven’t please let us know and we’ll make sure you are on the list.  NASCOE and PACOE have been working hard to make sure we are all as informed as possible while furloughed.  FSA leadership has even reached out to NASCOE to share important updates while they are unable to directly communicate with us.  Since most of this information is changing and time sensitive, I have relied on Kelly to send it out to the email list instead of posting it here on the website.  However, I thought I would put up a post with several of the email correspondence to date in case anyone needed to review it.

A Letter from NASCOE’s President Sent 10-7
Action Alert_ H.R Sent 10-10
Fw_ Legislative Call today Sent 10-7
Fwd_ Farm Bill Process Moves Forward With House Conferee Appointments Sent 10-12
LEG Call Notes Sent 10-7
Legislative Update from Saturday Sent 9-30
More Legislative Updates Sent 9-30
NASCOE Now Sent 10-10
PP 19 Pays Sent 10-14
Re Shutdown latest Sent 10-1
Upcoming pay period Sent 10-12
Update Status Regarding Unemployment Sent 10-3

There have also been many, many emails between your legislative team, Area Execs, and individual members.  Hopefully this shut down is nearing an end, but until it’s over we will continue to work hard to try and share as much as we know with all of you.

Thanks for being a member!


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