PACOE: Membership input sought

As many of you recall, last fall we decided that we would explore the possibility of a State Meeting in the spring. Some folks would like to have a retirement session in the spring as well.   So what I would like to do is have a retirement session/PACOE exec meeting in the early part of March. I was hoping to have this in the western part of the State. So if anyone has an idea as far as a meeting locations please let me know ASAP!! Dillard financial solutions would be providing the information session.  The execs could meet during or after the Retirement Session. 
As many of you are aware. The Rally is right around the corner and we will need to send two delegates. We are still waiting for details to emerge from the Massachusetts association.  As soon as we have those we will be certain to pass them along.   What we do know that the NEA Rally will be in West Wareham, MA onMay 4-6. There will likely be some admin time granted for attendees.  We will need to send two delegates to the rally.  These are the individuals who vote on behalf of our State Association. They are typically reimbursed for all expenses for the trip.  Let me know if you are interested in being a delegate, or even if you would like to attend just to hear the latest NASCOE news and to see the sights of Historical West Wareham. I would strongly encourage you to attend!! You will not be disappointed!!
Lastly, I would like some fresh ideas for a place to hold a state wide meeting. This can be anywhere in the State!! I would like to have the meeting sometime in early part of May. The weekend of May 6 will be out because of the Rally. Any other weekend would work great though!   I was thinking we would have a two hour business meeting then have a tour of some sort.  So if you have an idea as to where a good meeting location might be please send me an email we will see if we can make it happen. Any and all locations would be a welcome recommendation so please send them up to me. I would appreciate having the suggestions by February 15, 201 so I can get the exec committees concurrence on the meeting location. (Hoping this takes place at the March Meeting)  If we need to have a call to get some details or for any other reason I will be sure to let you know.
Thank you,
Dan Smeal
PACOE President

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