A Message from Dan

Hello Once again!!

As it’s getting to the busy time of year, I’m going to just jump right in.  The latest NASCOE NOW is available and has been posted here: May2013NOWnew. Please take a few minutes to check out all the valuable information it contains.   Next, for those of you who may have missed it, the NASCOE National Convention is coming soon!  It will be a fun and informative time and I encourage anyone and everyone to attend.  If you already know you are attending, please be sure to send in your registration if you haven’t done so.  As a heads up, this is the closest the National Convention has been to our State in quite some time and it appears it will not be any closer anytime soon.  This is an opportunity not to pass up.  Additionally, there will be 6 hours of Administrative Leave granted to all those who attend the National Convention!

As you all know, Pennsylvania was host to the NASCOE NEA rally this year.  It was held at the Hidden Valley Resort in Somerset, PA.  We had Mike Schmidt from DAFP speak to the group, along with PA SED Bill Whery. Members were able to raise questions and voice concerns while they were there.  We also had a hypnotist for the entertainment which was a great time. Right after the hypnotist we held the Scholarship Auction to benefit the NASCOE Scholarship Auction.  The Scholarship Auction brought in over $1,300 dollars!!  My thanks to all the folks that worked hard to put this rally together and to everyone who took the time to attend.  Pictures from the Rally will be posted to the website soon!

Thank you for all you do!!

Dan Smeal
PACOE President

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