2014-2015 Officers & Executive Committee Replacements

The Executive Committee recently held a conference call to nominate and select officers for the 2014-2015 year.  New this year was the separation of the Secretary and Treasurer positions.  The results are:

President: Dan Smeal
Vice-President: Rick Csutoras
Treasurer: Dave Stratton
Secretary: Dodie Yohn

When officers are pulled from existing Executive Board members, an alternate is called to serve.  As a result, here are your new Executive Board members:

Area 1: Dolly Little, Mary  Jo Frazer, Ed Huston, Chuck Glasser
Area 2: Kelly Sundy, Trystan Corliss, Deanna Juart, Danadee Miller-Boyle
Area 3: Johanna Mutti, Judy Behney, Julie Hollan, Sharon Weigle

Your Officers and Executive Committee are here to serve you.  So if you have any questions or concerns please share them us and allow us the opportunity to address them.

Thank you!


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