Dear FSA Employee,

As the membership chair for the Pennsylvania Association of FSA County Office Employees (PACOE), I would like to extend a special invitation for you to join our state employee association. Our state association is especially proud to represent roughly two-thirds of the states’ CO employees and we would love to represent you as well. While you may have heard about PACOE, and our parent association NASCOE, you may not be aware of what we have accomplished. Here is a sampling of some areas where the association has worked for our membership:

We work closely with the SED, STC, and NASCOE to be the voice of our members. PACOE officers have the opportunity to meet face to face with our leadership several times a year. This allows us to communicate common concerns and suggestions. PACOE members are often allowed to provide input on topics as they develop, recent examples include the Key PT and Awards committee.

Membership in PACOE automatically grants membership in our parent association, NASCOE. NASCOE works hard at the national level to fight for employee rights and benefits. A brochure entitled “NASCOE:  What you need to know” is included that tells what NASCOE has done for us. They also offer additional benefits, including health insurance, life insurance and retirement benefits. Please take a few minutes to look over the brochure and think about the great things that come from PACOE and NASCOE. We have a great association and a great group of employees.

PACOE wants you to become a member. I have included a membership form and an FSA-444 (Request for Voluntary Allotment of Pay) as dues can be paid by payroll deduction. It’s simple, painless, and a convenient way to pay your dues. The membership dues are divided into 26 payments withheld from your paycheck each payday and deposited directly into PACOE’s account. You may also join and pay yearly with a personal check. Most of these dues go to cover our membership with NASCOE and the rest covers meeting expenses, travel, etc. All officers and chairs, both in PACOE and NASCOE, volunteer their time. You can be assured that all money we collect goes to delivering service to our membership.

Please see the 2019-2020 Membership Form for the due amounts and payment method.

NASCOE/PACOE is our only “voice” when it comes to employee issues. On behalf of the officers, area executives, and our current membership, PACOE is extending this special invitation to you to help make PACOE one of the strongest
associations in the Northeast Area and the Nation. Please don’t hesitate to call with any questions. I look forward to hearing from you.


Kelly Sundy

Membership Chairperson

Membership Documents:
2019-2020 PACOE Membership Letter
2019-2020 PACOE Membership Form
NASCOE Membership Booklet
NASCOE Benefits Brochure