PACOE (Pennsylvania Association of County Office Employees) is an employee association for Farm Service Agency (FSA) County Office Employees that advocates and promotes the position and welfare of its members. Membership is open to current all permanent FSA CO employees by paying membership fee annually.

PACOE is governed by an executive committee that is elected from the membership annually. The executive committee is made of up members from each of the districts (as aligned by the PA FSA State Office). Election of members takes place each spring with elected terms running July 1 – June 30 annually. The executive committee elects officers to provide leadership for the association: president, vice-president, treasurer and secretary. More information about the governing of PACOE can be found in the By-laws.

In recent years, PACOE has had a good working relationship with the SED that has allowed for several face-to-face meetings each year with management and the State Committee to voice concerns and provide input on various issues and topics. Issues and concerns can also be elevated through NASCOE (National Association of State County Office Employees) and addressed at the national level.

Membership in PACOE also grants you automatic membership in NASCOE. NASCOE is the national affiliate of the various state employee associations and is recognized (since 1962) by the management in Washington DC as the voice of the employees in negotiations on employee and working conditions. Membership in NASCOE also grants employees access to a number of other benefits beyond the employee benefits negotiated with management, including legal services to members, exclusive offers for insurance benefits, and discounts to a number of companies. NASCOE also employees a lobbyist who works on behalf of member advocating issues in congress. The full list of member benefits is available on the NASCOE website.

2018-2019 Officers

President: Jason Pontillo
Vice President: Mike Kerr
Treasurer: Jill Sajeski
Secretary: Dodie Yohn

Document Library

Bylaws (updated in 2015)
PACOE Travel Policy
2019 Expense Reimbursement Form  (posted 3/2/2019)